Polish Economic Forum 2024

35 Years of Growth Navigating the
Economic Transformation

8-9 March 2024, London LSE SU | Polish Economic Forum

Polish Economic Forum

The Polish Economic Forum is the largest conference about Poland’s affairs held beyond the borders of the country. During our twelve-year history, we have created a unique platform for cooperation between Polish students, young professionals, business representatives and government officials. Every year, over 800 participants, representing leading Polish, British and foreign universities (including LSE, Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, Yale, and Stanford), innovative start-ups, and government agencies gather to participate in discussion panels to exchange ideas, meet inspiring people and engage with leaders of the Polish socio-economic life.

The theme of the 13th edition

The theme of the 13th edition of the Forum is 35 Years of Growth: Navigating the Economic Transformation. We aim to conduct a comprehensive analysis of Poland’s economic, business, energy and technological trajectory since 1989, and answer the pivotal question – has Poland already achieved the status of a developed country? Consequently, we plan to take a closer look at post-transformation macroeconomic strategies to pinpoint effective economic and political mechanisms that would ensure Poland’s further economic development. We will also scrutinise changes in the financing of green infrastructure, delve into the drivers behind the remarkable surge in entrepreneurship, and assess the potential of enhanced labour and capital productivity to fuel technological progress.

Short Agenda



Polish Business Society

The Polish Business Society at the LSE is one of the oldest and most accomplished Polish student societies in the UK. We aim to consolidate the Polish community at our university, help our members develop professionally, use our expertise to bring positive impact, and contribute to a positive image of Poland and Polish companies abroad.

We organise meetings, discussions, and participate in events taking place throughout London and the United Kingdom, as well as in Poland. Our actions are based on three core values: impact, community, collaboration.