Who we are

The LSE SU Polish Economic Forum is the largest conference about Poland beyond its borders. With 2021 marking its 10th anniversary, the Forum provides a space for several hundred young Polish students and professionals to interact with senior representatives of business and government.

More than 700 participants, representing leading global universities, innovative start-ups, established companies, consultancies and government agencies gather to participate in panel discussions, exchange ideas, and meet inspiring people. The official ball has grown to be one of the brightest highlights of Polish expat life around the world; we’ll miss that experience this year, because Covid-19 means that the Forum will be held online and organised from Warsaw. But we can still take pride in bringing together the Polish elite of tomorrow – just as we do every year – to examine and celebrate Poland’s significant and growing role in the global economy.

10 Years of PEF

The first conference LSE SU Polish Business Society was organized on March 3, 2012 in the LSE Old Building by a team of several people managed by Maciej Lisik – the then president of PBS. The event was attended by almost 100 participants who could listen to discussions between 12 speakers. Over the last 10 years, the Forum has significantly increased its scale – the 9th edition attracted over 800 participants, over 20 panellists and was organized by the PBS team of over 40. The conference took a two-day formula, and after the conference, which took place at The Brewery, participants took part in a ball organized at The Waldorf Hilton. This year, the tenth edition of the Polish Economic Forum will take place!

Previous editions

PEF 2019

  • “The Worrying Twenties”

  • 24 prominent speakers!

  • Over 750 participants!

  • 10 sponsors and 10 media patronages!



  • „The Afterimage Generation”

  • New Venue – The Brewery!

  • Over 800 participants!

  • Over 40 PEF organizers!

  • Two-day formula!



  • “Changes: After a Year of Unprecedented Disruption”

  • First online edition with over 1200 registered participants!

  • Three days of unforgettable panels!
  • A debate!