Polish Economic Forum 2023

3 – 4 March 2023

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Polish Economic Forum 2023

We are pleased to announce that the leading theme of the 12th LSE SU Polish Economic Forum will be Life in Crisis. Looking into the Future”.

This year’s theme of the conference is reflected in the artwork entitled “A Winter Landscape with a River and a Bird” (“Pejzaż zimowy z rzeką i ptakiem”) by one of the leading Polish impressionists, Julian Fałat.

The painter created a panorama of a native winter landscape. Through snow-covered fields, a bird flies along the course of the river. Being the most dynamic element of the painting, it carries the energy for change. As it soars high above the ground, from its point of view, the bird can take in the entirety of the surroundings, notice every detail, and issue a good judgement on how to cope with the cold winter.

Winter becomes our metaphor of crisis, the perception of which we aim to decompose and analyse at the next Forum. The severe, cold winter is often associated with its challenges, but Fałat’s painting encourages us to reconsider this approach, highlighting the great beauty it carries.

As well as the perception of winter, we can challenge our views on the crises which often become catalysts for break-through decisions and creative action. They carry the power to unite nations, innovate businesses, and allow us to grow through experience. What are the insightful lessons we can draw from past challenges? What are the causes and implications of crises that our society has recovered from, is facing now, or has to prepare for? Can we think of short- and long-term solutions?

As a community of students, young professionals and future leaders, we strive to address the above questions and look with hope into the future, within the framework of the new reality. Join us in March at the 12th LSE SU Polish Economic Forum, and become part of the stimulating discussions.

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