Research Unit

Research Unit is part of the LSE SU Polish Business Society since 2018. We conduct student-led research projects and organise events to encourage a debate on some of the most complex challenges facing students and universities in the modern world.


In 2019/2020, we are working on a report about employment of youth in Poland and in the UK. The findings, together with a discussion panel, will be presented during the Young Professionals Cocktail on 6th March 2020. 

In 2017 – 2019, our Research Unit has worked on a report titled “Comparing the higher education systems in Poland and the UK”. The report focused on a case study analysis of the Warsaw School of Economics, University of Warsaw, London School of Economics and University College London. It concluded with a set of recommendations for Polish universities on how to further modernise, which were presented during the annual Polish Economic Forum in London.


In 2020, alumni members of LSE SU PBS joined forces to organise an event focused on a debate around Polish education system. The event called “Inicjatywa Edukacyjna: czym powinien być system edukacji wyższej?” (Education Initiative: What is the education system supposed to look like?) was held in Warsaw on the 3rd of February 2020.

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