Minister Halicki

On the 12th of October we organised a meeting with Polish Administration and Digitalisation Minister, Andrzej Halicki at London School of Economics.

Andrzej Halicki, born 1961 in Warsaw is a Polish economist, businessman and politician.
He founded GGK Public Relations Agency in 1996, which was operating in Poland; acting under international agency Lowe GGK. In 2007 he left the company and became a full-time Deputy. Belonging to the Civic Platform party, he served as a spokesman and in 2009 he was appointed a Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee. In the parliamentary session in 2011 he was elected once again. He holds a function as a Chairman of Constitutional Accountability and as a member of Foreign Affairs Committee. His career advanced in 2012 when he became a vice president of Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE). His achievements have also been recognised worldwide; Halicki holds medals from different countries, including Moldova.