LSE SU Polish Business Society is a student association which aims to serve as a platform linking Polish students in the UK with businesses in Poland. It is our firm belief that one of the ways to contribute to the prosperity of the Polish economy is to encourage skilled and ambitious young people who had left Poland in pursue of world class education to return back home – not only to seek employment themselves but, fulfilling their entrepreneurial spirit and putting innovative ideas into action, to create employment and partake in creating the broadly defined prosperity. In the short term, in order to fulfill our mission we have chosen to focus on three pillar objectives in our work:

  1. To organize presentations and networking events with Polish professionals at the London School of Economics, to which we cordially invite all interested individuals.
  2. To create a database of Polish speaking students in the UK, which will be made available to Polish businesses, with which we cooperate (CV upload possible in the Contact section).
  3. To give interested individuals an opportunity to enhance their careers by working in Poland (via facilitating internship and graduate recruitment as well as serving as advisory for non-Polish speakers in this regard).

Polish Business Society is proud to promote Poland’s strong economy on the international arena.