Start-up Challenge

Start-up Challenge Finalists


TransferStarter is an online crowdfunding platform for football clubs and their fans.
We enable European football clubs to raise funds for their strategic growth initiatives and – as the first crowdfunding service in the world – for transfers of new players, while growing engagement of their fans. TransferStarter provides European football clubs with unique revenue opportunity beyond traditional model and a chance to leverage and monetize existing of offline and online fan base and raise funds to meet the challenge of continuous increase in operating costs, infrastructure investments and transfer value of players. With TransferStarter, football fans can tangibly and consciously contribute to success of their clubs by pledging money for projects they like and most uniquely – for signing new players. The platform operates in a reward formula – fans, who back projects are offered unique rewards in exchange for their donations – among others fan store merchandise signed by players, tickets for European cup matches and opportunities to meet players.
Once the club’s campaign is successfully funded, TransferStarter takes a fixed percentage fee of the funds collected. All pledges are processed securely by Stripe, the 3rd-party payment provider.
TransferStarter is a pre-revenue stage company, registered in the UK. Our platform currently operates in Beta version (transferstarter.com).


TensorFlight automatically analyzes satellite, aerial, drone and street view imagery in order to automate slow and expensive manual in-person property inspections.
If you are a property insurer TensorFlight can help you with:
• Underwriting: Automatically pre-fill a quote or suggest items to investigate for an underwriter.
• Reinsurance: Get more detailed information about each property in a reinsurance policy or gain alpha while trading cat bonds.
• Risk: Better understand exposure of your portfolio or monitor transient risks.
• Claims: Estimate catastrophic claim severity.

Love The Dress

Did you know that an average woman buys 64 clothing items per year and wears only 20% of her wardrobe? Renting is a smart choice.
Love The Dress is a marketplace where you can rent designers’ dresses for a percentage of the original price.
It solves every women problem: I have nothing to wear! It is also affordable and convenient as women don’t need to buy dresses for one occa- sion anymore.
The process is simple: you choose a dress from variety of styles, select dates you want to rent it for, pay online and we take care of the rest: on- time delivery, dry cleaning and pick up after the event.
Love The Dress is benefiting from strong social trends such as sharing economy and environmental consciousness. Designer clothing is no different than car ownership – that has been disrupted by companies like Uber or Lyft – there is an asset of relatively high value that is not being used for 80% of time.
Following these trends we’ve also been testing a new solution, which enables designers and individuals to put their original dresses for rental at our platform and earn money.
Try us! All participants of Polish Economic Forum can use a discount code: PEF2018 and get 25% off their order until April 30th 2018.


Gandee is developing an online platform to help artificial intelligence developers build their products faster and better by increasing the availabiliity of data. The need of high-quality data is the number one obstacle to the wide-scale adoption of AI-technologies. Our platform will allow the developers to build their datasets easier by e.g. semi-automated web search, modifying and creating datasets using modern computer vision algorithms and crowd sourcing. Having achieved success with our online platform, we will use it to create a new market for AI-enhanced design. Being able to build visual datasets of any kind on our own, we will be in a position to support designers in each industry and revolutionise the way products will be made in the future. Currently, we are based at the Technical University of Munich
in Bavaria – home of more than 11,500 technology companies. All of our team members have valuable experience – study M.Sc. Robotics, Cognition, Intelligence and work in the tech-industry. If you are also interested in new technologies and share our passion, just talk to us!


Flymble (www.flymble.com) lets you book flights for 1/10th of the cost up front and pay the rest later over equal monthly installments. Fly to Bangkok for instance, for only £50 per month!
The big disruption here is that Flymble provides consumer credit for virtual products, such as flight tickets, and uses next generation credit scoring models. Career prediction algorithms are developed to determine credit worthiness, instead of customer’s monthly income statements.
The startup has closed partnerships with the largest credit providers in the EU, are generating first sales and are ranked as one of the top 10 most popular travel products in the world, on ProductHunt.com (a couple places below ‘Google Trips’ and ‘Self Driving Uber’).
Flymble was founded by old time friends Vincent Hus and Henry Wynaendts, while planning a trip to Bangkok. Online they found a flight ticket for £500 and it took over 2 months to save up for the holiday. Then they had to pay over £300 extra because the flight ticket increased in price. Since there was no solution to make such a big payment all at once, they dropped out of university to start a company to solve that problem.