LSE SU Polish Business Society: Scholarship Fund 2015

LSE SU Polish Business Society: Scholarship Fund

We strongly believe that it is important for the community of Polish students in the United Kingdom to build upon real values that will facilitate their future leadership in transforming Poland for the better. During Polish Economic Forum 2015 we would like to draw the attention to many bright and ambitious Polish students who fully deserve to study at world’s best universities, but because of insufficient financial resources are left without such choice.

The aim of LSE SU PBS: Scholarship Fund is to give an outstanding student, who otherwise would not be in a position to take up such a degree, the opportunity to study at LSE.

LSE SU PBS: Scholarship Fund Charity Lottery at the Polish Economic Forum 2015

We would like to warmly encourage our delegates to participate in the “LSE SU PBS: Scholarship Fund” Charity Lottery. The prizes will include gifts donated by speakers of the Polish Economic Forum 2015.

All profits raised from the lottery, together with 50% of the total Ivy Poland Foundation Ball ticket sale revenue, will contribute to the support of the LSE SU PBS: Scholarship Fund. The amount raised will constitute a part of our first scholarship.

Each purchased lottery ticket will participate in a draw for items donated by our speakers. Each ticket costs £5 and purchasing multiple tickets will not only increase your charitable contribution, but also your chances of winning!

The draws will take place immediately after each purchase.


LSE SU PBS: Educational Consulting

LSE SU PBS: Scholarship Fund runs alongside one of our other voluntary programmes – LSE SU PBS: Educational Consulting. Its purpose is to offer advice and guidance on an ongoing basis to prospective students, and familiarise youth with the possibilities and realities associated with studying abroad.

If you would like to know more about our non-profit LSE SU PBS: Educational Consulting service, please visit http://polish-business.org/lse-su-pbs-educational-consulting/