Charity Lottery

charity lottery on our conference


We strongly believe that it is important for the community of Polish students in the United Kingdom to build upon real values that will facilitate their future leadership in transforming Poland for the better. While discussing the opportunities and challenges facing the Polish economy, we would also like to draw the attention of our delegates to the needs of thousands of children and youth who find themselves in less fortunate circumstances.

Therefore, we would like to warmly encourage our delegates to participate in the “Happy Bus” Charity Lottery. All profits raised from the lottery will be contributed to the launch of this year’s edition of “Happy Bus” project.

Each purchased ticket will participate in a draw for items donated by our speakers. Each ticket costs £3 and purchasing multiple tickets will not only increase your charitable contribution, but also your chances of winning!

The draw will take place during the Delegate Dinner at around 8.30pm.


an author project by “Happy Kids” Non-profit Foundation
dedicated to children from rural areas

Idea of the project is based on simple picnic-atmosphere entertainment connected with learning and recreation. “Happy Bus”, that is adventure playground on wheels facilitated by Łódź public transport service, drives along a route chosen according to interests and needs of local rural communities stopping for 3-4 days among each one. Children, supervised by Polish and international volunteers, play and learn for free. In past years over two thousand children from Łódź Voivodeship benefitted from summer activities organised during the action.

Goals of the “Happy Bus” project:
– Organise time in an educative and entertaining way for children who do not have the opportunity to travel anywhere outside of their home town;
– Help parents absorbed with seasonal agricultural work;
– Encourage children and youth to study English;
– Promote a culture of tolerance and thus discourage prejudice and superstition;
– Integrate local communities through interesting social projects.

Additionally, we warmly invite our delegates to consider engaging in the project as volunteers. Your involvement could have an extraordinary importance for mentoring and serving as role models for the children and youth who need a lot of encouragement to overcome their insecurities and fears.

is one of the leading Polish charitable NGOs. Its main goal is to provide care for underprivileged children through establishment and management of Family-type Children’s Homes and supporting families threatened with deprivation of parental rights. It is driven by the will to help others and acts mindful of the statement of Janusz Korczak that “without a happy childhood whole life is disadvantaged.” So far, the foundation succeeded in instituting eight Family-type Children’s Homes, four in Łódź, and one in the cities of Lubczyn, Zgierz, Ozorków, Czarnocin. Currently it is in the process of building its ninth Home in Sokolniki.

To learn more about the ‘Happy Bus’ project and the ‘Happy Kids’ NGO visit: http://www.happykids.org.pl